Benchmarks Assessment Series

LinkIt! Benchmark assessments are tests administered to students throughout courses as a way of assessing/gauging where students stand in regards to their grasp of the coursework/subjects being taught. Available in K-8 for reading and mathematics, these assessments are available in 3 different parallel forms to enable 3 tests administrations per year. With both paper and online administration options, these assessments can be adapted to meet a wide variety of needs and use cases where capturing relevant data in real-time is of paramount importance.

Highlights include:

  • National (full-color) and State-specific assessments options
  • Grades K-8 available
  • Reading and Mathematics
  • National series offers 12 assessments per grade level (reading and math combined) for Gr. 3-8 and 6 assessments in grades K-2 (3 in reading, 3 in math)
  • State-specific series (Gr. 3-8 only) offers 4 assessments per grade level.
  • Assessments designed to measure pre-post test skills/standards progression (parallel forms of matched difficulty)
  • Online/Offline delivery options
  • Newly aligned to Common Core