Publishers & Content Providers

Publishers, content authors, and distributors looking to enhance the value and utility of their offerings by providing user-friendly, sophisticated data-tracking and reporting tools partner with LinkIt! to get the highest return on their investment. These partnerships result in dramatically reduced costs when compared to traditional development models and improved time-to-market. The LinkIt! team works with publishing partners to customize LinkIt! solutions under a co-branded or “white label” scenario, populating the LinkIt! platform with publisher-created assessments and instructional materials. The combined offering of LinkIt! technology and publisher content is offered to school systems as a huge “value-add,” helping school districts stretch a shrinking pool of purchasing dollars and get more from their investment in “traditional” products, such as textbooks and workbooks.

The addition of LinkIt! technology can transform discretionary content purchases or licenses into mission-critical data-driven school improvement initiatives. And, by using LinkIt! technology to monitor the success of these products in improving student performance, schools get the evidence that they need to make informed decisions about future product purchasing.