Custom Application & Dashboard Development

LinkIt! partners with school districts, publishers and service organizations to create customized applications to optimize data capture and reporting. Often, these collaborative projects use core features of the LinkIt! platform, extending them to meet a particular set of needs. Examples of such would include recent collaborations with a consortium of schools in the Washington DC area to produce a customized reporting Dashboard and analysis system that tracks student attendance, behavior, grades and assessments. Moreover, this custom platform includes a reward tracking system with a virtual currently that student can redeem for prizes.

Our team has also partnered with numerous publishers and service organizations to develop solutions for progress monitoring that are aligned to specific instructional programs. These tools often use LinkIt!’s grouping modules and lesson recommendation engines to optimize student learning plans based on assessment data. In addition to streamlining the process of capturing student data, LinkIt! technology provides tangible evidence of student growth to help validate learning gains resulting from specific instructional materials or intervention strategies. To learn more about how we can work with your team to design new applications for data capture, management, and analysis, contact