Dashboard Reporting Platform

The LinkIt! Dashboard Reporting Platform is a comprehensive suite that includes more than 10 integrated modules, each designed and optimized for specific data analysis tasks. With the ability to provide access to each module separately by user-role, our suite offers incredible flexibility and depth. The reporting suite seamlessly presents local interim and formative assessment data, 3rd party publisher assessment data and state level results onto a single unified platform, improving teacher efficiency and providing a 360 degree view of student performance. Whether you are interested in tracking student mastery of Common Core Standards, automated grouping for intervention, detailed item analysis, or statistical reviews for test reliability and item validity, The LinkIt! Dashboard Reporting Platform has a solution for you.

With a single click, teachers are able to compare their class averages to other classes in the school or throughout the district that took the same assessment.

Class Diagnostic Reports enable teachers to quickly identify students’ weaknesses and strengths using flexible mastery targets and intuitive color-coding.


Item Analysis reports shows how students answered each question by displaying the % of students choosing each answer choice. Red color coding quickly identifies incorrect answers and bold red indicates common errors.

  • Question Tab of Class Diagnostic allows sorting by level proficiency identifies problematic areas students may have on assessments
  • Grouping option allows teachers to link students with similar skills set mastered
  • Student history allows teachers to view student progression over time. A great tool for parent-teacher conference
  • Highlights include:

    • Detailed item analysis, from the district level down to the individual student
    • Longitudinal data tracking
    • Intervention grouping, pacing guide and ILP creation
    • Assessment reliability & item validity analysis engine
    • Full export, printing and sharing capabilities
    • Custom report generation with a user-friendly interface
    • Predicts range of likely students scores on State Assessment through regression analysis
    • Ability to disaggregate results by race, gender and special program
    • Track performance by school, grade level, subject, teacher, class, student and more