LinkIt! Users: Schools & Districts

School and districts use LinkIt! technology solutions to achieve a wide variety of specific objectives. The majority of our school partners use the platform to monitor student progress and drive school improvement processes. Often, this means creating and delivering “low-stakes” common or interim assessments via the platform that are delivered 3-4 times per year. These districts often supplement their data initiatives by with more frequent assessments designed by either teachers or administrators using the Certica item bank. Still others elect to design assessments from scratch using LinkIt!’s item authoring tools and other LinkIt! products like Whether schools use the item bank, start from scratch by working collaboratively,, or even use paper-based assessments from textbooks to monitor student progress, they place significant emphasis on using student data to group students for differentiated instruction and access targeted instructional resources for intervention and enrichment via the LinkIt! Lesson Library.

In other cases, the themes above may be secondary to other organizational goals, such as consolidating a vast array of existing data sources and streams in a single location. These districts use the technology to overcome their data silos-different sources of data that are highly isolated in different locations, with teachers have to learn multiple technologies to get a well-rounded view of student performance. Such districts often struggle to make data from State assessments accessible to teachers in a meaningful, visually compelling manner. LinkIt! works in a consultative fashion to understand these obstacles and help districts overcome them.