Lesson Library

The LinkIt! Portal not only enables teachers and administrators to identify key areas needing improvement, it provides teachers with access instructional content specifically linked to underperforming areas.

LinkIt! offers a library of thousands of lessons and instructional resources created by Curriculum Concepts International, an industry leader with over 20 years of experience creating instructional content. In addition to these materials, which are offered in the LinkIt! brand name, our library features high quality content from providers such as Khan Academy. With the ability to upload teacher- and district-development resources to supplement this offering, the gap between assessment and instruction is shrinking every day.

Teachers need only click on any standard or skill in the LinkIt! Portal to instantly access lessons, instructional videos, and interactive resources that correspond to that standard, skill or topic area where students are struggling.

Highlights include:

  • Fully-integrated collection of hundreds of K-8 instructional lessons designed for intervention
  • Access to various difficulty levels supports differentiated instruction
  • One click access from diagnostic reports to teacher-led targeted lessons
  • Ability to upload district or teacher created resources to supplement existing library
  • Supports video, downloadable pdf, and web-based resources
  • Lessons developed by CCI (www.ccipub.com), a leading developer of instructional resources serving publishers