PassageBank is one of the company’s newest solutions, but already has users in over 48 states. For years, educators have struggled with the challenge of how to find great quality passages appropriate for assessment and instructional use, without having to be concerned about copyright and permissioning issues. Moreover, creating passages from scratch is time-consuming and costly. We developed this resource in order to provide a vast, searchable database of fiction and non-fiction passages that schools and districts can use to accelerate their assessment initiatives at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. With several options randing from per student subscriptions to licenses for a set number of passages, is the ultimate tool for developing high-quality reading assessments.

Highlights Include:

    • Over 1500 high-quality reading passages for assessment and instructional use
    • Perfect solution for accelerating local assessment development with permission-free reading resources
    • Searchable by genre, word count, reading level and key word
    • Available in PDF format (or other formats upon request)
    • Includes original content and famous authors
    • Large selection of informational and functional text
    • Ability to flag favorite passages, preview passages and add your own