LinkIt! Student Resource Books

Math Grades 3-8

LinkIt offers a series of skills-based instructional resources in mathematics to target specific areas of need identified by assessment results. Organized by grade level and color-coded for convenience, these research-based materials are an ideal solution for small group instruction or differentiated learning. Though many of the lessons in these resource books are also available as downloadable pdfs from the LinkIt! Lesson Library, purchasing the printed materials eliminates the need for downloading and duplication. The packaging is particularly appropriate for use in intervention programs such as summer school and afterschool initiatives.

Highlights include:

  • 150+ pages of skills and standards-based activities
  • High quality resource for differentiated instruction and RTI processes
  • Consumable worktext format minimizes need for downloading, printing and duplication
  • Comprehensive teacher's guide with detailed notes, suggestions, and strategies included free