Regional Services Centers (ESCs/ESAs)

Regional service providers often play a special role in helping districts gather and analyze student data through the use of technology. These organizations also sponsor shared data services, such as access to a regional data warehouse or assessment grading and processing services. On occasion, they also help guide member districts through the process of developing locally relevant standards-based assessments through collaborative practices.

LinkIt! offers special partnership programs for ESCs that enable these service providers to leverage LinkIt! technology for assessment development, scoring and reporting, and to offer these tools directly to their member districts at a significantly reduced cost. In most cases, our regional partners also provide training and support services around the use of LinkIt! assessment tools. LinkIt!’s expert trainers work with ESC administrators to build training and support capacity, enabling the ESC training staff to conduct professional development workshops directly to participating schools and districts, furthering their mandate to lower the cost of mission-critical services for schools in their regions. To learn more about our regional initiatives, contact