Tutorial & Service Organizations

This group of service providers is extremely diverse in terms of their specific goals and objects and how their products and services are delivered to students. Despite this diversity, there are areas of commonality. Many service providers have their own specific curriculum and may also have customized instructional resources to support that curriculum. In almost all such cases, there is a need (and perhaps even a mandate) to show the educational efficacy of these materials through progress monitoring, benchmarking, pre and post test comparisons or other forms of assessment. In such cases, organizations use LinkIt! either to deliver assessments of their own creation or to deliver assessments developed by LinkIt! (or LinkIt! content partners). After these assessments have been administered (either online or offline), LinkIt!’s rapid scoring technology takes over and provides immediate diagnostic results that can quickly identify key skills or standards where students have attained a high level of proficiency as well as those areas in need of improvement.

A second area of commonality is often that such organizations often have a limited time to work with students, perhaps in after school or pull-out programs, or over the summer. Regardless of specific nature of the program, there is almost always a need to maximize student learning gains despite significant time constraints. For that reason, LinkIt! offers specific tools for tutorial programs that use sophisticated statistical procedures to group students according to specific skills- or standards-based needs. Typically, these areas of need are identified with a pre-assessment or other available student data. Designed to evaluate proficiency across multiple standards simultaneously and recommend a series a high-priority lessons, LinkIt! grouping algorithms allow service providers to maximize learning gains by selective targeting. In addition, these LinkIt! modules produces individual student learning plans and progress reports (in English and Spanish), and a wide variety of other tools for group management, progress monitoring and sharing information with parents and other stakeholders. To see a demo of our tools for service providers, contact partners@linkit.com.