The Deep Dive: Data Analysis & Consultation

The LinkIt! reporting platform offers a wealth of data on student performance in a readily accessible and highly visual format. Despite this, we often find that schools, districts and other organizations may need additional support to utilize their data in a way that leads to transformation change. Though these arrangements can take several forms, LinkIt! offers a “Deep Dive” program in which an experienced LinkIt! data analyst will work with your team to establish key action items resulting from sophisticated statistical review of both current and historical results. This approach is designed to empower your key stakeholders and go beyond the LinkIt! reporting platform to an even greater level of depth and insight.

Whether your key objectives are related to understanding student growth metrics or developing fair and reliable methods to incorporate data in teacher evaluation, these sessions can help you come to the right conclusions about what the data means in a context that is both relevant and timely.

This consultative service is available in hourly blocks of 25, 50, and 100 hours and includes the preparation of a detailed written presentation of key conclusions or “take-aways” that may be shared with colleagues, board members and other interested parties.